About us

We draw upon the professional expertise of all volunteers working in the electrical industry who can facilitate our mission, are willing to volunteer time, effort and materials to further our cause. 

Why Should You

Everyone should have the benefit of electricity.

We would like every member in our professional trade to have an opportunity to join EWWBNA in assisting mankind in obtaining electricity (and assist in electrical training). All the world can and should have access to electricity when needed. EWWBNA would like to achieve that goal and make it a reality. With your help, we can get one step closer.

Electrical Workers Without Borders North America (EWWBNA) seeks to create and live in a world where the benefits of electricity are available to everyone, and we do this by utilizing the skills and training of our professional volunteers.

Empowering Communities the World Over

Through Teamwork and Training

We can and Will! Make a Difference